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Below are listed our Shipping, Return, Warranty and Privacy policies.


Shipping for standard products is calculated at checkout from our store, for custom pieces we will discuss with the customer as these prices can vary depending on cost of the item and packaging required


While returns are accepted up to 28 days if any other issues arise such as damage in transit please get in contact and we will do what we can to resolve them but on custom orders please do bare in mind it may not be possible to replace an item

Production time

For standard products we say to allow 10 business days from point fo purchase to dispatch but aim to get them to you sooner

For custom orders we will discuss with you how long the design, prototyping and manufacturing process will take but this will vary due to complexity of the items 


As stated in our FAQ all standard products have a 28 day from point of purchase policy if you are unhappy or have any issues. 

However for custom pieces no returns are accepted due to the nature and expense of the items


All contact information and names of customers is strictly confidential and will not be shared

All designs are the intellectual property of 3D Ponding and we reserve the right to use images of products for social media purposes and to use designs created in future products


For custom orders we will be discussing with you on a regular basis on an agreed upon method of communication to keep you appraised of the progress throughout the process and all communications will be undertaken and protected as stated in our privacy policy

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